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Event photos from Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education

Digital Equity Walk

Data Visualization, Storytelling

As an interactive design fellow through Boston University's student innovation center BU Spark!, I worked with an external client whose initiative is to close the digital equity gap in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education's 'Closing the Digital Equity Gap' initiative, specifically the Digital Equity Walk, is an event which invites stakeholders to interact with data revealing where access to computer science coursework is lacking, demographic disparities exist, and how Massachusetts compares to other states in preparing students for tech positions. The Digital Equity Walk inspires participants to take action to increase access to computer science within their communities.

Our two-person design team was tasked with reviewing data sets and information aggregated by MBAE, and to storyboard, develop style options, and ultimately create cohesive digital and print-ready visualizations of the data. Our deck is currently available to view on the MBAE website, and is used for the Digital Equity walk events.

View presentation here.

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