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Collage, installation

As a socially and politically progressive individual, it is important to me to learn how I can use graphic design as tool for good. For this 'Questioning' studio assignment, I wanted to inviestigate how graphic design can appeal to people's humanity in America. To do this, I chose to highlight the juxtaposition of the utter chaos of present day America vs the timeless power of peaceful nonviolent protest throughout the decades.

Throughout my iterations and research in vexillology (the study of flags), I chose to follow the 5 golden rules of flag design to reimagine a time-based American flag that represents today’s struggle for true equality. I also worked on pacing to allow the viewer to focus on an image for a few seconds each, and spaced out the villains, victims and heroes in this present day social justice narrative (drawing parallels to the civil rights movement).

For color, I chose a solid dark red background reminiscent of the red used commonly in flags, but darker to symbolize blood. The gradient background in the sphere is to symbolize a conflict skyline, which I used in a screen print project called 'Sol Lucet Omnibus / The Same Sun Shines on All of Us.'

Gif projected on 3x5’ fabric installation

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