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For my interactive design fellowship at BU Spark!, I worked on a team with undergraduate and graduate computer science students to develop a product for an external client, the International Labor Organization, a United Nations agency based in Cambodia. We were tasked to design and develop a working prototype of an app concept called Gobiz.

Gobiz is a fun and practical training app for young entrepreneurs in Asia. The team at ILO wanted to transform a successful on-the-ground program called "Ready for Business" into an Android app to increase educational accessibility and economic mobility. Through the app, users can develop an understanding of the steps to business startup by using the simple, competency-based coursework to help them develop their own concrete business strategy.

In charge of UX/UI on our team, I worked on content flow, wireframes, and graphic components. We were provided very rough wireframes, content flow, a rough logo, and an 80+ page "Ready for Business" course PDF to use to transform into a prototype. From there I built out the wireframe in Adobe Xd, streamlined the flow and experience of the app, and worked on parsing out the course content for the first lesson into a digestible, interactive, and fun learning sequence. After several iterations of the wireframe, I was able to develop a new look&feel for the app with new iconography and logo.

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