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Digital photography & installation

For my digital photography final project, I knew right away that I wanted to feature empowered women and handmade collage. My initial idea was to show female graphic designers ‘in their most powerful state.’ I chose five studiomates who each have distinct processes and approaches to design that I admire. I first asked them “where or when or in what state do you feel most powerful? Can we capture that moment?” Each person had a similar answer: doing what they love to do in their space. I then did a photo shoot with each model, asking them to recreate moments of their making, or interacting somehow in their space. Next, I edited my favorite photos from each shoot and trimmed 25 images with the intent to create a collage of each woman. I then realized that in historic iconographic moments, either as busts or on dollar bills or religious iconography, the icon is singular and monolithic. This is when I chose to feature one image for each woman, and handmade gold frames to emulate power, significance, and iconography.

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