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Scrolling as a Drug

Digital self-portrait, projector as medium

This mini lab proved to be the most difficult for me to conceptualize and execute the way I envisioned. Using a projector as a tool, I wanted to use scrolling through social media as a metaphor for addictive behavior. Initially I wanted to project a social media feed onto someone’s forearm, and film them nodding off as in overdose from the ‘injection point.’ Faced with the constraints of the projector, this proved to be too narrow of a point to project. Instead, I chose to get in front of the lens(es) to show myself in various states of a high, scrolling through my phone. Using a DSLR and tripod, a remote, a mini projector, and stills of social media feeds on my laptop, I was able to project images onto my face so that it looked like it was beaming up from my phone.

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