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Museum of Science Rebrand


For a rebrand project, I chose to create a new identity for the Musuem of Science in Boston. The Museum of Science is one of world’s largest centers for dynamic, interactive science and technology exhibits and programming and is Boston’s most attended cultural institution.

I have fond memories of visiting this museum as a child, and learning about all the wonders of the natural world through hands-on experiences.

For this rebrand, I wanted to breathe fresh life into a stale and dated identity in order to reflect the institution's extensive breadth of programming and to attract younger audiences through an approachable, playful, and iconic mark.

The new mark, read 'Sci' is an abbreviation for 'Science' or 'Scifi.' The saturn icon in the exlamation point is active and interchangeable, translating for usage in programs, swag, and advertising.

The color pallete is inspired by one of the museum's center attractions, 'Lighting', a live presentation on electricity. Any combination of the four colors can be paired together for a flexible identity. The existing red, blue, and green wings of the museum can be transitioned to this new palette.

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